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Update to our 2014 Schedule

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In the Media

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Pullman - National Monument CBS Evening News

Chicago Tribune - Pullman bread loaves, a culinary legacy of the new national monument - February 27, 2015

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Press Releases

Fact Sheet

Pullman Cruises Begin - Article - 2013
Pullman Rail Journeys Papa Noel Package
- November 19, 2012
Fully Restored Pullman Cars, Authentic Pullman Service - November 2, 2012
Media Alert - Ribbon Cutting in Chicago Marks Launch of Pullman Rail Journeys - November 2, 2012
Pullman Launch Announcement - October 10, 2012

(WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2012): - Pullman Sleeping Car Company, LLC, announced today the launch of the Pullman Rail Journeys, a first-class, standalone rail experience in artfully and fully restored Pullman Rail Cars, on a scheduled basis between Chicago and New Orleans via the Illinois Central line, The Main Line of Mid-America. A pre-inaugural journey departs Union Station in Chicago on Monday, October 29, 2012 and six inaugural departures are scheduled beginning Friday, November 2, 2012.
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Pullman Sleeping Car Company, LLC Puts Travel Industry Leaders at the Helm of New Pullman Rail Journeys Venture
(APRIL 21, 2012, CHICAGO): Pullman Sleeping Car Company, LLC announces the appointments of   Angela Arias as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Public Affairs and Reno Gazzola as Director of   Travel Industry Sales for their newly launched collection of American rail excursions, Pullman Rail Journeys.
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Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC Restores the Splendor of American Rail Travel with Creation of Pullman Sleeping Car Company, LLC 
(APRIL 21, 2012, CHICAGO): Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC (IPH) announces today the introduction of a new wholly owned subsidiary, the Pullman Sleeping Car Company, LLC (PSCC).
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Area Filming

List of current/upcoming movies and TV series being filmed in Chicago, New Orleans and southern Louisiana.

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Pullman - National Monument CBS Evening News

Pullman Rail Journeys VIP Launch

Rail Car Floor Plans

Adirondack Club
Baton Rouge
Colorado Pine
Full Dome
Pontchartrain Club

Pullman Car Restoration

Carpet.jpgScenicView1_Sept2012_web.jpgWheels Whiteland, IN_web.jpgLight Fixtures.jpgScenicView2_Sept2012_web.jpgphoto (10).JPGDome Whiteland, IN_web.jpgCYsDnly1tqauzGWli3dNrosS30WA9rSlts3JfCQHapk_web.jpgNew Refrigeration Whiteland, IN.jpgAC Exterior_web.jpgUpholstery and Carpet_web.jpgPullman 5.12 Glen Summit.jpgBz90LxMpnZbVJcbtGvFyd_mEKE7Bh9lRX2eywTN4Yh0_web.jpgIMAG0758.jpgIMAG0758_web.jpgnhveDPj41pBPxOOS82nYLKp6ohSSrbaVHcD5-sfebOI.jpgnhveDPj41pBPxOOS82nYLKp6ohSSrbaVHcD5-sfebOI_web.jpgAClub_web.jpgLight Fixtures_web.jpgPullman 5.12 RVC Set Up_web.jpgRestoration From Inside Out Whiteland, IN.jpgScenicView2_Sept2012.jpgphoto (10)_web.jpgIMAG0757.jpgimage (9).jpegAC Whiteland, IN_web.jpgphoto (2).JPGimage (4)_web.jpgIMAG0768_web.jpgLight Shop.jpgimage (8).jpegimage (9)_web.jpgDome_web.jpgRestoration From Inside Out Whiteland, IN_web.jpgPullman 5.12 Shop.Lift_web.jpgNew Wiring Whiteland, IN.jpgUpholstery and Carpet.jpgPullman 5.12 Glen Summit_web.jpgNew Refrigeration Whiteland, IN_web.jpgimage (4).jpegDome Whiteland, IN.jpgAClub.jpgAC Exterior.jpgCarpet_web.jpgLight Shop_web.jpgAClub.jpegphoto (2)_web.jpgDome.jpgWheels Whiteland, IN.jpgScenicView1_Sept2012.jpgUpholstery_web.jpgIMAG0768.jpgUpholstery_web_web.jpgimage (8)_web.jpgPullman 5.12 RVC Set Up.jpgU2oqH-rLMRhFYZIzzrKfWUs1bZlxoQLLQoAjw4pgeag_web.jpgU2oqH-rLMRhFYZIzzrKfWUs1bZlxoQLLQoAjw4pgeag.jpgNew Wiring Whiteland, IN_web.jpgPullman 5.12 Shop.Lift.jpgAC Whiteland, IN.jpgUpholstery.jpegBz90LxMpnZbVJcbtGvFyd_mEKE7Bh9lRX2eywTN4Yh0.jpgIMAG0757_web.jpgCYsDnly1tqauzGWli3dNrosS30WA9rSlts3JfCQHapk.jpg

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